Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still here

I am still here. I have just been really busy lately. My husband and I just visited Reno, Nevada over the weekend where he had a job interview. They liked him so much that they have already offered him the position. We still have more trips and interviews coming up, so we told them we would give them an answer by December. Yes, I know that is still a bit away, but he wouldn't even be starting until May of next year.

Reno was interesting. It isn't very pretty (sorry if you live there and think it is.) It just doesn't float my boat in the prettiness department. We drove up to Lake Tahoe, and that WAS PRETTY! :)

Just before we left I got to spend a little bit of time in Labor and Delivery on Labor Day. I had been having some awful contractions in my back.  I haven't ever had back labor so it was a very different feeling for me. Luckily, they checked me out again and all seems to be good. The doctor cleared me for my trip. We got home on Sunday and I had another appointment on Yesterday. We started the MCA's. This is where they look at the blood flow in the baby's brain to see if it is affected by the Rh Antibody. At this point we are starting off with really low numbers. That doesn't mean it won't be an issue, it just buys us more time if it is going to become an issue. So for now, we are sitting back and trying to relax until the next scan which is only 2 weeks away. We checked the gender again and the baby doesn't like to cooperate too much, but it does look like it really is a little girl. But DANG this little one is SO STINKING ACTIVE. She is just like my last baby. It is hard to get the heart rate and various measurements because she moves around so much. It is kind of fun though. She is always moving, which is VERY reassuring!

So for now, that is how things are going. :) YAY! We like good and uneventful.