Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Like that Doctor

First I want to say, thank you so much for coming to this blog. I really appreciate the love and support. Welcome to the new members that have and are walking that horrible path of infertility and pregnancy loss. I know how hard it is and hope that you will all be able to hold your own little one soon.

I just got done meeting with my new doctor. He is a Perinatologist, the uber high-risk OB. He is a total sweetheart and I think I am going to like him a lot. We talked about my past history and treatment plans and he seems to be on board with what I have done in the past and we decided to continue in the same manner.

They did an ultrasound and the baby is measuring perfectly at 6 weeks 5 days. PERFECTLY! And there was the most beautiful little flutter right in the middle of that tiny little baby. *HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF* HUGE!!!!

I will start my Lovenox injections tonight after I go pick them up from the Pharmacy (black and blue tummy, here I come.) I will continue on with my prenatal, baby aspirin and folic acid. Because of the Rh Antibody he will start seeing me weekly at 18 weeks and we will do ultrasounds on the baby to see if it is distressed. Basically we are checking to see if the baby becomes anemic. When a mother has an Rh Antibody my blood cells begin to attack the baby (if the baby is Rh+) so the baby then becomes anemic. The way to treat this is to transfuse the baby with a negative blood type. It is all done inutero which is just simply amazing.

Sadly, he did say that if my Rh Titer was over 1:8 I cannot go to Indonesia because I will be about 20 weeks along and he will start testing before that. I already KNOW my titer is higher than that so the trip is off. :( *Sniff Sniff* Oh well, more money to spend here. HAHAHA :)

I asked about my jewelry and if I would be able to continue working with some of my techniques. He knows A LOT and apparently, I am the first to ever present this one to him. So he said he will do some research and get back to me. But I have done some of my own research and I think it would be best to play it safe and I won't be doing much soldering. I may get some non-lead bearing enamels and continue to work with those. He thought that should be okay.

I asked about the delivery and he said we are shooting for 37 weeks with a mature amnio. But if I do the same that I did last time and have contractions that can't be stopped then we deliver at that time.

He said he wasn't worried about the number and types of c-sections that I have had and because I am healthy he isn't worried about my age as a factor of anything (I will be 34 next Friday.)

At the end of the appointment he gave me a great big hug. I LOVE THIS GUY!

When we were there we saw a little tiny baby that was probably 2 or 3 weeks old.... now I am getting excited. :) I am just fighting my head and the fears that linger.

Now if only the ALL DAY Sickness would just go away and leave me alone. :) Oh well, if it means I am pregnant and things are going smoothly, I guess I will take it and enjoy it as it is most likely the last time I will ever do it.

Thanks again everyone for the prayers, love and support.



  1. So happy that everything is working well and that you have a heart beat. That is a relief in itself.
    Happy healthy nine months to you. Praying for a stress free and problem free pregnancy this time around for you. (((HUGS)))

  2. So happy all is well! Agood doctor is hard to find, especially after you have bonded due to your other struggles!
    I have every color (literally) of lead free enamels, so let me know if you want to sample some.
    I just learned soldering and am setting up my workshop now since we just moved to a house. So please let me know if I can help in anyway. You know I will gladly drive up!
    Hugs to all

  3. Thanks Melody! 9 months. HAHAHAHA, you know I don't do those. HAHAHAHA But our target is January 22nd. With an actual due date of February 12.

    Lead Free enamels..... hmmmmm, I might have to take you up on that. Particularly if it works out that those are okay for me to use. :) I would love a visit too. :D

  4. I'm so glad you love your doctor! I got you a birthday present to help you make some jewelry without soldering. It's cool!

  5. awwwww, Valerie, you are the BEST!!!!! :) <3

  6. Hi Melissa! I have been following your sister's blog and will now follow yours and you will be in my prayers. I have had 3 pregnancies, and two miracle babies resulting from extremely high risk pregnancies. I know the turmoil and anxiety that comes along with being pregnant. Although I was thrilled beyond belief I was terrified... Praying that you are able to enjoy this pregnancy, and you will make it to 37 weeks as planned.
    PS: I had sever hyperemesis with my pregnancies, requirind admissions to the hospital multiple times a week, but then I found "Preggie Pops" (lollipops to help nausea), and lemonade, anything sour really seemed to make a difference, as did REAL ginger. Good luck! Keep drinking:-)

  7. I don't know if we have discussed this.. I was an RH factor baby. I have a cleft pallet because of it and "multipal" birth defects also. Yes, Martha, I am defective. At least I have a medical excuse!!! LOL
    Way back when, they did the transfusion after birth. So they had me hooked up to my mother to do the transfusion.
    When I was approx. 18 mos., they repaired the cleft pallet. The doctor I had at Los Angeles Children's Hospital was the engineer of the cleft repair. So at least I had the best.

    I am sincerely hoping you don't have to deal with any of this. I am wishing you the most incredibly healthy bundle of love ever.
    Hugs my friend.

  8. I am so mad that you didn't freaking call me back! Now you have to move here to Texas to make ammends. ;p

    I am soooo glad you like this doctor and that you feel good moving forward with him. But more than that, I am beyond pleased and tickled that you saw a heartbeat! Beanie!

    I do want to say right now that I reserve the right to hold a grudge for the rest of forever when you find out your baby is a boy. ;p

    Its all good, I will still love you unconditionally.

    Also, did you see I sent you more followers? Its because I have THE BEST blog friends ever!

    Love you!

  9. Melissa (and family),
    I'm so very happy for you. Knowing the losses we've had and the joys as well - and the ugly PE that's always in the back of our minds..wishing you 9 months of pure joy (and heck for Garth I'll root for a boy :)). My pregnancy with Michael was very rocky but I had such a great OB practice and Peri...and my own knowledge which made it an easier time to deal with the ups and downs.

    I will keep you and the little bean in my prayers and will enjoy seeing your updates over the next 9 mos.

    Congrats again.


  10. Glad to hear you are in good hands, and like the doc, too! After all, you will have to see him almost as often as your husband... ;-)
    I am with Kristine: Your own knowledge from experience, and a supportive OB practice are the best armour to ward off those fearful moments.
    Thinking of you a lot, and following your blog -
    hugs, Jutta

  11. Congrats, Melissa! Such exciting news!

  12. You're on the ALI blogroll. Check out this link. :)

    If you start getting visitors from LFCA, this is where they found you. You are listed under the new blogs. Welcome to the community!

  13. So exciting! Saw your news on LFCA, and wanted to come congratulate you. :)

  14. Thinking of you! My #4 was born with an anti-E titer of 1:128 with only minor jaundice (24 hour billirubin dropped like crazy no need for phototherapy!!) induced on his due date (my midwife & perinatologist were aiming for 36-38 weeks). Just to give you a positive outlook on the Rh's (I do know the D/Rh+- is one they take more precautions with). I'm glad you like your peri it made all the difference for me. Also, yeah on the jewelry front! I took up chainmaille during pregnancy and still am at it!