Monday, August 16, 2010


Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Man, that makes me sound old. I guess I am getting up there, but we did get married young. :) We got married a month after I turned 20 and he turned 23. We were talking about our anniversary just a couple of weeks ago and he said, "It sure doesn't seem that long ago." And it really doesn't until you look back at all of the experiences we have been through together.

He really is an amazing guy. I am so lucky that I got him and even more lucky that he loves me the way he does. I haven't ever been the easiest person to love or get along with, but he has plugged along with me as I figured out "who I was." and we have really grown very close to each other. It is kind of funny, I think we figured we had a 130% chance of divorce, but here we are, strong as ever. They say that couples that go through medical school married have an 80 - 90% chance of divorce, and throw in there the death of a child, WHILE in med school and that is at least 50 - 60%. And there were times where we really did struggle. But I am so glad we forged ahead and figured it out.

On the baby front, I am finally 14 weeks along WOOHOO!!!! I wish I could say that I was feeling better. There have been a couple of days where the mornings were really good, then out of nowhere, they were horrible all day long again. I have also figured out that this baby doesn't like pizza. Whenever I eat it, it tries its hardest to get it out of my body. :) HAHAHA Luckily, I have been able to keep my food down for the past few weeks. I am just looking forward to getting rid of the all-day sickness. That can go away any time now and I won't miss it one little bit.

I am still seeing the doctor every other week, which is sure nice on me mentally. :) It is great to go in often to make certain things are going well. I will most likely start my weekly appointments in another 4 - 6 weeks. We will be watching the baby's blood flow in the brain through an ultrasound to see if it is affected by the high Rh antibody that I have.

So in the mean time, the baby's heart rate is in the 140's. Everyone loves to tell me about the wives tales and how that means it is a boy. For whatever reason, the whole gender thing is really rubbing me wrong. I guess because I have 3 girls already everyone just automatically assumes I am hoping for a boy this time. Actually, I don't really care, as long as it is healthy and alive. And truth be told, I would prefer another girl. I know what to do with girls. I get to dress them up and put jewelry on them and bows in their hair, and candy cane tights at Christmas time. You don't get to do any of that with a boy. And don't get me started on the names. Everyone has name suggestions. Luckily, I haven't liked any of them. I think this time, I am going to pick my names and not tell anyone what we have chosen until the baby is born. At this rate, it won't be an issue anyway, because I can't think of a single name that I would like to name my child, boy or girl. ;) HAHAHA

So for now, I am plugging away and continuing to hold down the couch. It is safe and sound. :)


  1. Happy Fourteens! What a nice coincidence. :) It's definitely nice to see the doctor more often. For the first time today, my midwife asked me if I were "ok" with the four week hiatus in between appointments, and then said that if I ever need to come in and listen to the heartbeat, I should call them. I could have hugged her.

    It's funny ... now that I have a boy, I'm not sure what I'd do with a girl! I fear clothes shopping. :) Either way, healthy and alive is the most important.

    Have you tried ginger? Of course you have. But I'll make you the same offer I made K (from Pull Up Your Potty Seat) ... send me your address offline and I'll send you ginger-lemon carrot muffins, which are purported to ward off queasiness. :)

  2. Happy anniversary! Your husband sounds so wonderful!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!