Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So far so good

Well, it has been a while since I updated things. I haven't been on my computer much at all. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am ALWAYS on my computer. That is how sick I have been feeling with this little one. Now that I am past the 12 week mark, I am still not feeling tip top and spend most of the evenings on the couch, but the mornings are getting better and better. Hopefully the trend continues and I will be human again within the next few weeks.

Last Thursday we has the NT Scan. This is where they check for things like Downs Syndrome and other birth defects. They did an ultrasound where they check the thickness of the skin on the back of the baby's neck as an indicator. They are looking for a number below 3 and mine was 1.3, so that was really good. Not only that, but my little bean was SO FLIPPING ACTIVE. It was jumping around so much we had a hard time getting the shots we needed, but we did eventually get them.

Our girls came and they LOVED it. My youngest (just turned 4) could finally tell it was a baby. My oldest (10 years old) kept coming over and giving me kisses. She is really starting to get excited about the baby. She will come and give my tummy kisses and then one on my cheek. She says I get one for the baby and one for me. It is really sweet. My youngest just asks when my belly will get HUGE. HA! It is already working on it. I haven't gained any weight yet, thank goodness. I am trying to keep it to a minimum since I had gained so much weight in the last year anyway. So the goal is only 10 - 15 pounds for the pregnancy. It is going to be hard, but I am determined to do it.

They say that with subsequent children you begin to show much sooner. I found that was absolutely the case with my third, but this fourth is really getting out there. Of course it doesn't help that I have so much "fluff" on top of that little belly of mine. It just gets pushed out further and further. :( BLAH! I hate having weight issues. If only I didn't like food so much. ;) HA!

My mom came for a short visit about a week and a half ago. I felt bad that I didn't feel well and we didn't really do anything, but it was so nice to have her here. My girls enjoyed the fact that she was here. Too bad we have to wait another 6 months before we get to see her again.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Thanks for the continued well wishes and prayers. They seem to be working really well. :) Keep 'em Coming.


  1. How cute is Dudela?! Awwww! And let us not forget Tater bug. I am so glad the girls are BOTH excited about their new sibling. Glad you're feeling better, and glad mom got to come out for a bit. :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better! I hope it continues!!

  3. Thanks for your visit, Melissa ... and so glad that things continue to go well for you! I'm glad that you're feeling a little better, at least. I also feel like I'm ballooning uncontrollably ... it's amazing to me that people have not yet started to ask me if I'm pregnant. Maybe they're afraid to offend me? Either way, I'm glad to be in such good company as we all take this one day at a time together. :)