Thursday, November 11, 2010

3rd Transfusion done, Ready for #4.... sort of.

Well, sorry I didn't update earlier this week. It has been full of information and I have just had a hard time processing all of it. They say, when it rains, it pours, and this week is certainly no exception. Just as I think I can handle all that is coming my way, there is another thing.... or two or three, to add to it.

Lets start with the Transfusion. I returned to Ohio State Med Center in Columbus on Monday night. This was one so much harder in many ways. My husband is in Dallas, Texas all this week and I am having a hard time going through all of this with out him. I certainly have a greater respect for the spouses of our service members. My hubby has only been gone a week and I am already losing my mind. So anyway, things were a bit more difficult with this transfusion. They started off by giving her a shot in the thigh once again. I hate that part. The poor little thing. They finally got in with the needle and had a hard time getting in to the cord, but they were unable to get any fluid or just amniotic fluid out. So after trying that for a little bit with no success, they decided to try another spot. Let me just say, it is certainly not painless when they go in with that needle. OWIE! But the second time was a little better. During both of the tries I continued to contract. That made things more difficult as well as it kept moving the needle out of the position it needed to be in. They were finally able to get some blood out of the cord to check her hemoglobin level and it had dropped to 6.7, which is what they expected. This time because she is doing so much better and getting so much stronger they transfused her with 40cc's instead of just 25 like they had done the previous two transfusions.

She tolerated it very well and took the blood like a champ, at least that is what the doctor said. They got her levels up to 12.6. So we are getting closer but not quite there yet. I return once again next Thursday night (a week from today) for another transfusion on the following morning.

I had a follow up appointment with my doctor yesterday and we talked about the remaining transfusions. He told me he would like me to have the remaining procedures down in Columbus. He said it had been a while since he had done these, and of course with the way the baby is sitting, it is actually quite difficult to get to the cord. He felt it would be better if I remained with the team that is there as they are already well into my care and I am in SUPER hands. I have to agree and am actually somewhat relieved he did want me to continue there. I am comfortable with the team there. I was sort of nervous about changing doctors on this procedure 1/2 way through them. So while it is a big pain in the butt to go down there, I am good with the suggestion.

I did get word that I failed the glucose tolerance test. Of course I did. How could I not? It seems like I am bound to bomb all of these stupid tests. I informed my doctor he was not allowed to run any more tests on me. he just laughed and agreed. So I declined the 3-hour test and will proceed as though I do have gestational diabetes, continue eat well and test my sugars regularly.

Another thing that is happening is that my blood pressure is going up. As you may recall, I have already had two pregnancies with preeclampsia, the second resulting in the 4-month early birth of my daughter. So this is one that concerns us. Luckily there isn't any protein in the urine, so he isn't too concerned yet. He said that if it starts to show up and the bp continues to rise, he will be putting me in the hospital. But for now I am on bed rest here at home, where I can at least be somewhat comfortable in my own bed and surroundings. I will enjoy it while I can. ;)

Needless to say, the last two days have been an emotional roller coaster for me and that is why I haven't posted an update. I just didn't want to get on to the computer because every time I thought about all of this, I just cried. ;) Today is better though.

My baby is getting stronger and she is back to being active. There are good things and bad things about that. I am trying hard to not complain, but dang I am getting sore. HAHAHA

So that is the update for now. I am eagerly awaiting the return of my hubby on Friday night (tomorrow) YAY!!!! My parents and brother are here through Sunday so at least I have some good company. :)

Thank you all for the support and continued prayers. I know I have responded to some of the comments and emails yet. I just haven't had the emotional stamina to do it. Please forgive me on that.


  1. Melissa! I am so sorry you have to go through all of this. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING!

  2. I'm glad you posted ... I was worried for you. Your little girl is definitely a fighter ... I'm glad that she continues to get better, though I'm sorry that you're dealing with GD on top of all of this. Thank goodness that your family is there to help and keep you company. Continuing to send all of my best thoughts for a safe few weeks and safe arrival of your little girl into the world. *hugs* to you ...

  3. You know, with the moving to Texas and everything I haven't been facebooking (yes, that is a word) much, so today I decided to read this. You have to be one of the bravest people I have ever met. In Islam it is said heaven lies at the mother's feet. You have to be the poster mom for that statement.
    If I wasn't in a minor crisis myself, I would run up there to be with you. So here is my advice...let your friends help you through this as much as they want. It seems like you have a group of amazing people around you. They get blessed for help you and there will be plenty of time to return the favor. Everyone knows you would do the same for them. <>
    My family's thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. I will talk to Aalia about this and have her send Riley a message via your facebook account.
    Take care and call me if you need anything.