Monday, November 22, 2010

Hmmm, Interesting appointment

Well, I just got back from the doctor's office. I sure do love my Peri. He is such a good man. He just came up to me and said, "Melissa, you are killing me." And gave me the biggest and longest hug. When I got back to do the ultrasound Kiari was SO STINKING ACTIVE. It was perfect!!!!!! They had a hard time getting every measurement because she would not hold still. I will take it any day!!!!!

When the doctor came in to talk to me he said he was really glad that I had called him and he would have been more upset with me if I hadn't. He told me to call him 10 times a day if I needed to. He thinks that her slowed and lack of movement were due to the steroid shots. He said that those can really slow the baby down. So for now, that is what we will chalk it up to. He also told me that the steroids will mess my sugar levels up for about 3 days. Whew! At least that explains the sugars. I feel so much better about everything today.

We got talking about my lab results. He said that he isn't at all worried about the protein levels at this point and time. It is something to watch, but he considers it to be in a decent range for now. My blood pressure was probably one of the lowest I have had during this pregnancy 112/80 - BEAUTIFUL!  So he isn't concerned about that just now either. However, he is VERY concerned about my elevated liver enzymes. We are running the liver panel now and will hopefully have the results in less than an hour from now.

He said that if they have remained close to what they were from last week, we will run them again. However, if they have gone up, we will talk about delivering the baby.... like now. I wasn't quite prepared for that.

So it is looking like we will be meeting little Kiari sooner rather than later. :( I am really hoping that some how I can keep her in there until 32 weeks. Part of me wants her out now so that I can see that she is moving and living, but of course, I know that it would still be far too soon for that. Even at 32 weeks, she may still run into some awful things and I don't want to make her suffer.

Even with that news, I am feeling relatively calm right now. I feel so much better than I did yesterday. the entire day was just difficult for me. I am really hoping that enzymes haven't gone up and if they have, it is only a little bit.

Thanks again for all the prayers and lighting of candles and Reiki and love and support and faith that you have all sent to Kiari and Me. It really does make a difference. Even if it brings nothing more than calm, that is HUGE!!!!

In a bit of unrelated news, my husband has decided on a position that he is going to take. It looks like I am about to become a Resident of Dallas, Texas. Looking forward to the change, but not the hot summers. BLECH! The girls are disappointed because they will no longer have snow. We told them we will just ship them up to stay with their grand parents during the snowy times. HAHAHA


  1. Happy, happy, happy! So, happy your appointment went well. But, I will so miss you when you move. Can we do a class via i-Pad? I need to get my solder stuff before you move!


  2. Hooray for a good appointment, despite the liver enzyme thing, which obviously turned out to be good news as well. Keep it up Beanie and Kiari!

    WOOOHOOO! You're coming to live by us! We are SOOOOO excited! I'm not happy you will share the heat of the summer, but I am happy we will be together. We'll just make lots of trips to the water park. ;)