Saturday, December 4, 2010

I had a baby... 10 weeks early

Well, yesterday was a whirlwind experience. My husband and I got to the Akron City Hospital about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. We still didn't know if we were going to be delivering that day or not. We spoke with one of the doctors here and he spoke with my doctor and it sounded like they were going to keep me and observe me for a little while. As soon as any of the labs came back funky or we noticed anything strange going on with the baby then we would deliver her.

So I was getting my labs drawn and getting ready to order something to eat when the doctor came back in and said my doc was on his way and we were going to deliver the baby then. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I can't say that I totally panicked because I had the entire trip up from Columbus to Akron to think about things and prepare myself for the fact that I was about to have a baby at 30 weeks.

My Doc had spoken with the Neonatologists and decided that it would just be best to get her out and continue her care outside the womb. As nervous as I was, I was also relieved. I am so glad to be done with this pregnancy. Like I said before, I always just felt like I was sitting at the top of a slipper slope and it was so hard not knowing when you were going to go down.

When I got into the OR I tried to remain calm. All the while, i was having flash backs to my delivery with Kelsi. However, I still felt confident that things would go okay with her. At one point, when they were placing the spinal, I did have a moment of frantic prayer asking my Father in Heaven to please please please let everything be okay with my baby and myself. I have already shown that I play against the odds in these circumstances and I don't want to be one that dies during a routine c-section. Morbid, I Know, but it is what it is.

I must say that having a c-section with a spinal is not exactly comfortable. I could still feel things, though they didn't hurt, they were quite uncomfortable. My doctor got the baby out and she cried right away. Quite quickly he held her over the draping so that I could see her. She was so small. Not nearly as small as Kelsi, but tiny nonetheless. The Neonatologist wisked my baby away into the next room where they cleaned her up and got her all prepared. Garth came back in to tell me that she was born at 4:38 PM weighing in at 3 pounds 7 ounces. She measured 16" long. She was a very big girl for being 29w 6d along. I missed my goal of 30 weeks by just hours. :)

Once she was out, the real work for my doctor began. He worked on me to perform a tubal ligation and the normal clean up from a c-section. Interestingly my ovaries were in quite the condition. I guess my left ovary was about the size of a grapefruit, at least. It was FULL of large cysts. My right ovary was quite small, but also covered in cysts. So I now have the official diagnosis of what I had always suspected, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I had always suspected it because I have had the symptoms for ever. But it had never been confirmed until now.

I was taken to recovery for a couple of hours and just before they took me to my room they wheeled me in to see Kiari. She was so stinking cute...from what i could see of her. She had been intubated to help her breath. Nice thing was that she was on room air and the vent was only there to help support her own breathing efforts. When I reached in to hold her hand, she took my finger and gripped it nicely. I love holding her little hand. She has the cutest and most perfect fingers and toes. She is most certainly my child as her feet are long and skinny. Just like all three of her sisters before her. HAHAHAHAHA

The first night of recovery for me was difficult. They had me up 8 hours after the surgery. That was pretty painful, but worth every bit of it as we went over to see my sweet baby once again. She was still doing great. Her bilirubin levels had gone up slightly, but nothing that we were concerned with at that point. Other than that, she was hangining in there. I didn't get much sleep last night due to the pain of the surgery and just not being able to sleep. I slept for short periods of time and went back in to see Kiari early this morning. Nothing much had changed with her, so that was a relief.

Today has been pretty good. I am working really hard at getting my systems back to functioning, which has always been difficult for me after my c-sections. I finally got to shower, a dream after having surgery. I always love feeling nice and clean again after surgeries. My girls came over this morning and were so excited to see the baby. They got to spend about 15 minutes with her before they had to leave due to Riley having a swim meet today. But they came back in tonight to see her again.

They have removed her from the ventilator and placed a nasal cannula. Her Bilirubin levels had gone up a bit and they were preparing to send her to Children's Hospital. They said that if they ran it again and it hadn't changed or gone up she would be transfered. Luckily they went down a little bit, but dang that baby of mine is glowing blue!!! Lots and lots of lights. I was able to get some pictures of her while they had everything off of her face while removing the breathing tube and placing the nasal cannula. I got some pictures too, however, I am not able to upload them yet. I will as soon as I get home. She looks just like her daddy. Not that it surprises me at all. In one of her ultrasounds, I could see that she looked just like him.

The docs and nurses are amazed with her. She really truly is a fighter, but we already knew that with all that she has been through to this point. The neonatolgist was talking with me today about all that she had been through and said, she is just truly a miracle. She also gave me big kudos for picking up on the change in movement at 24 weeks. She just looked at me and said, you know you saved her life. I am so glad that I was given the gift of noticing her movements and knowing something was wrong. I was so blessed!!!

For now, Kiari is still here in the hospital with me. But that can change at any moment as she is still fighting against the antibodies and such. But I will enjoy my visists with her tonight as I wake to pump milk and take what few drops I get over to her. Now that they have removed the vent, she can cry and it is the cutest little cry. I am totally smitten with my tiny little girl. I am really excited to get to know this feisty little girl that has come to my family.

We are nowhere near out of the woods, yet again, but I am so glad she is here, alive, safe and sound at last. Now the next roller coast ride begins. Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers. I truly believe they have made all the difference in this difficult pregnancy. Please continue to send them now to my little girl that she might overcome the challenges that lay ahead.


  1. Oh Melissa, reading this makes me cry. You have had such a long road to endure with this pregnancy but you and baby didn't give up, you are such an inspiration to me of when times get tough. I am so happy that things are looking up and that you and baby are on the road to recovery and that time will pass by quickly and before you know it you will be bringing that sweet baby girl home with you. I will keep praying for your sweet family, love you tons!

  2. God bless! Wow, to be on room air right after delivery, and on the NC now! That girl sure is a spitfire!

    And you. Girl, you are amazing. I will always admire your strength, faith, perserverence and will.


  3. You rank right up there with the most amazing and inspiring women I have met through this community, Melissa. What a gift ... it's no wonder she chose you.

  4. I am so relieved to hear that everything is still going well. I can't wait to meet my fighting little niece. She is definitely going to grow up to be a fighter, just like her mama and auntie. ;)

    Please give my niece a hug and kiss from her auntie and cousin. We love her so much and are always praying for both of you.

    Keep up the fight, both of you!

    We love you.

  5. Oh wow. Such an amazing birth story. Hang in there lovely lady and congrats on the amazing little fighter in your life.

  6. Stay strong...she will be home before you know it. Remember Madeline was 29w6d and weighed 2pounds - she went home at 4pounds and now she is a wild 5 yr old diva. I am so happy that she is here safe and being taken care of with great medical care. It looks like you may welcome in the New Year with your princess at home. Take care and remember to get your rest during the roller coaster ride, it will make you a stronger Mommy through ride.

    From one preemie mom to another, good job taking the leap of faith (actually it is more like jumping off a cliff), I do understand. Also, my lactation consultant said a glass of wine at night after a long day at the NICU can actually help milk production. ;-)

  7. I am so happy that she is doing well! I just did my time in the NICU, and I will admit that it was difficult, but I left there with good memories. My tips are: get to know your nurses. You will feel so much more comfortable there if you get to know them. We got them gifts and made sure that we had primary nurses who took care of her whenever they were at work. Try to sleep when you can. Know that it is a roller coaster and there will be ups and downs. My baby was 1 pound 11 ounces and left the NICU at 3 pounds 14.5 ounces, in something called a car bed! Get a preemie memory book and write down the important events and "firsts." Get a hands-free pumping bra.

    If you have any questions, feel free to hop on over to my blog. Again, congratulations!

  8. I'm so happy for you! We'll talk at some point this week, let me know if you'd like me to cook you some food for the family. Also I left you a message about my torch, just ignore it. I figured it out and you need to rest! Hugs!

  9. What an amazing birth story! Congratulations Melissa!! So happy you and Kiari are doing well. She must look soooooo cute! Can't wait to see some pictures of her!! Sending you and Kiari lots and lots and lots of love!!

  10. I'm so happy she's doing well! What a tough road it has been for you. Definitely thinking and praying for you!!

  11. Many prayers said and many to come. May the newest light in your life bring sweetness and peace to your family. God bless and keep you all.

  12. I hope all continues well - and welcome to the world Kiari!

  13. What a tough girl she is! I'm glad she's doing well and hopefully her bili levels get even better soon. You are in my thoughts!

  14. What a story thank you for sharing your journey. Congratulations!